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Graduate Program

Master’s of Christian Leadership Degree

Program Objective
The Master’s of Christian Leadership program is designed to help each student develop the confidence, competence, character, and communication skills necessary to be an effective leader for the 21st century. In this track, the student will read, study, and learn from some of the most cutting-edge leaders and authors of our generation including:

• Dr. John Maxwell – Rated #1 Leadership Strategist in the World
• Dr. Sam Chand – Internationally Known Leadership Expert
• Dr. John P. Kelly – President of International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders
• Dr. Dave Williams – America’s Pace Setting Life Coach
• Dr. Vivian Rodgers – Known as Mr. Excellence
• Bobb Beihl – Consultant to the top Christian Leaders in the Evangelical Movement
• Flip Flippen – Marketplace Leadership Expert
• Dr. Robb Thompson – Relationship Expert
• Mark Pfeifer – International Ambassador of the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders
• Dr. Keith Johnson – America’s #1 Confidence Coach, Leadership Expert
• And many more!


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