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Are You Interested in Starting an Extension Campus

Starting an Extension Campus of Destiny College International offers many benefits.


  • A DCI Extension Campus enhances the profile of your church or ministry by offering your community higher education that they may not otherwise have available to them.
  • Extension Campus directors and instructors can continue progress toward their personal educational goals throught credits earned by teaching.
  • Extension Campus directors and instructors have an oppurtunity to teach and train Christian leaders, thus fulfilling another part of the Great Commission.
  • Becoming an Extension Campus allows you to be part of an established, accredited university with a world vision. We’ve done all the start-up, work now you can provide a quality education for a reasonable cost.
  • DCI has established programs with supporting material such as syllabi, outlines, quizzes, tests and answer keys. The texts for the core courses have been selected. All you need to provide is a qualified teacher. This ensures that your students benefit a high-quality, established program.
  • With the Main Campus providing administrative support for only a portion of the tuition received, the Extension Campus can generate additional ministry income.

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