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Letter from the Chancellor

Your Growth as a Leader Starts Right Now!

I regularly meet people who are surprised to learn that leadership is an important part of success. It’s true. Whatever we do in life, our personal development depends on our growth as leaders. All human institutions need to have leaders. We know this is true whether that institution is a church, nation, business, school, television station, or a family.

The world prizes leadership. Influence, riches, and power have been claimed by leaders who, by virtue of their vision for a better future, are able to attract the loyalty, respect, and service of others. Leaders in all walks of life are in constant demand.

I recently heard someone described as a “born leader.” But I must disagree. There are too many examples in history of great leaders who developed into the role by force of their own vision and commitment. And we all have that ability.

It’s quite possible you have not considered yourself a leader of any kind. Whether or not you have, you will be surprised to learn at Destiny College just how many ways you are a leader, especially to those close to you.

One of the reasons why there is a demand for leaders is that too many people, regrettably, would rather be led than assume leadership responsibility. When you are ready to accept the challenges of leadership, you will find many wonderful opportunities waiting to help you break away from the pack and to build on your achievements for future success.

Keep in mind that your growth as a leader starts right now. You do not have to be the president of a billion dollar corporation, the president of a country, or the pastor of a megachurch to be a leader. Start with your family, friends, church, school, or workplace.

You can start today by developing your leadership and coaching skills at Destiny College. We shape futures by educating people to develop the confidence, competence, and character you need to succeed as a leader.

Empowering you to become a Leader of Destiny!


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