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Masters of Christian Leadership

Program Objective
The Master’s of Executive Christian Leadership Coaching program is designed to help each student develop the confidence, competence, character, and communication skills necessary to be an effective coach and consultant to other world-class leaders. In this track, the student will read, study, learn coaching and consulting skills, and discover how to build a successful coaching business from America’s #1 Confidence Coach, Dr. Keith Johnson.

Degree Requirements
Life Coaching Certification Academy (9 credits)
• Level 1 – Life Coaching (3 credits)
• Level 2 – Executive Leadership Coaching & Consulting (3 credits)
• Level 3 – Business Coaching & Consulting (3 credits)

Required Master’s of Leadership Courses (15 credits)
• LQ Solution (3 credits)
• The Confidence Solution (3 credits)
• Ladder Builder (3 credits)
• Everyone Communicates, Few Connect (3 credits)
• Leaders of Destiny (3 credits)

Elective Classes (15 credits)
• Student may pick 5 classes from the Master’s of Christian Leadership courses.

Thesis Work
• 100 hours of logged coaching experience.

Total Credit Hours: 39

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